Small file performance evaluation

The results of the small file performance test by mdtestopen in new window are as follows:


set -e
TARGET_PATH="/mnt/test/mdtest" # mount point of CubeFS volume
for FILE_SIZE in 1024 2048 4096 8192 16384 32768 65536 131072 # file size
mpirun --allow-run-as-root -np 512 --hostfile hfile64 mdtest -n 1000 -w $i -e $FILE_SIZE -y -u -i 3 -N 1 -F -R -d $TARGET_PATH;

Test Results

Small File Benchmark

File Size (KB)1248163264128
Creation (TPS)7038370383737387461769479674354754027147
Read (TPS)1086001181931183461229751163741107959046262082
Deletion (TPS)8764884651835327927985498865238094684441
Stat (TPS)231961263270264207252309240244244906273576242930
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