Directory File Count and Quota Management


Quota management is a new feature added in v3.2.1.

Limit on the Number of Files in a Single Directory

Limits the number of files or directories within a single directory to avoid the occurrence of excessively large directories, which could exhaust the resources of MP nodes.

  • The default limit for the number of children in each directory is 20 million, which can be configured with a minimum value of 1 million and no upper limit. If the number of children created under a single directory exceeds the limit, the creation fails.
  • The configured limit value takes effect on the entire cluster and is persisted on the master.
  • Full support requires upgrading the client, metadata node, and master to version 3.2.1.

Set Quota

curl -v ""

Note is the IP address of the master, and the same applies below.

dirQuotauint32Quota value

Get Quota Information

curl -v ""

The response is as follows:

    "code": 0,
    "data": {
        "Cluster": "test",
        "DataNodeAutoRepairLimitRate": 0,
        "DataNodeDeleteLimitRate": 0,
        "DirChildrenNumLimit": 20000000,
        "EbsAddr": "",
        "Ip": "",
        "MetaNodeDeleteBatchCount": 0,
        "MetaNodeDeleteWorkerSleepMs": 0,
        "ServicePath": ""
    "msg": "success"

The DirChildrenNumLimit field is the directory quota value for the current cluster.

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