Quick Use

Verify File System Mounting

Create a Volume


If you have deployed the erasure coding module to create an erasure coding volume, please refer to the Volume Creation section.

cfs-cli reads config file ~/.cfs-cli.json. Example cfs-cli.json:

  "masterAddr": [
  "timeout": 60
./build/bin/cfs-cli volume create ltptest ltptest
# View volume information
./build/bin/cfs-cli volume info ltptest

Start the Client

  • Prepare client config file. Example client.conf:
  "mountPoint": "/home/cfs/client/mnt",
  "volName": "ltptest",
  "owner": "ltptest",
  "masterAddr": ",,",
  "logDir": "/cfs/client/log",
  "logLevel": "info",
  "profPort": "27510"

Note that volName and owner must match with the volume created by cfs-cli.

  • Start the client
./build/bin/cfs-client -c /home/data/conf/client.conf
  • Check if the mount is successful /home/cfs/client/mnt is the mount point. If the output of the command df -h is similar to the following, the mount is successful.
df -h
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev            3.9G     0  3.9G   0% /dev
tmpfs           796M   82M  714M  11% /run
/dev/sda1        98G   48G   45G  52% /
tmpfs           3.9G   11M  3.9G   1% /dev/shm
cubefs-ltptest   10G     0   10G   0% /home/cfs/client/mnt

Verify the Erasure Coding Subsystem


The erasure coding subsystem (Blobstore) provides a separate interactive command-line management tool. Currently, this tool is not integrated into cfs-cli, and it will be integrated later.

The Blobstore CLI can easily manage the erasure coding subsystem. Use help to view the help information. Here, we only introduce how to verify the correctness of the erasure coding system itself.

Start the CLI

Based on the default configuration, start the command-line tool cli. For detailed usage, please refer to CLI Tool User Guide.

  1. Physical machine environment
$> cd ./cubefs
$>./build/bin/blobstore/blobstore-cli -c blobstore/cli/cli/cli.conf # Start the command line with the default configuration
  1. Docker environment
$> ./bin/blobstore-cli -c conf/blobstore-cli.conf


# Upload a file, and a location will be returned after success (-d parameter is the actual content of the file)
$> access put -v -d "test -data-"
# Return result
#"code_mode":11 is the encoding mode specified in the clustermgr configuration file, and 11 is the EC3P3 encoding mode.

# Download the file, use the location obtained above as the parameter (-l), and you can download the file content
$> access get -v -l '{"cluster_id":1,"code_mode":10,"size":11,"blob_size":8388608,"crc":2359314771,"blobs":[{"min_bid":1844899,"vid":158458,"count":1}]}'

# Delete the file, use the location obtained above as the parameter (-l); deleting the file requires manual confirmation
$> access del -v -l '{"cluster_id":1,"code_mode":10,"size":11,"blob_size":8388608,"crc":2359314771,"blobs":[{"min_bid":1844899,"vid":158458,"count":1}]}'
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