ObjectNode Configuration

Configuration Description

rolestringProcess role, must be set to objectnodeYes
listenstringPort number for HTTP service listening. Format: PORT , default: 80Yes
domainsstring sliceConfigure domain names for S3-compatible interfaces to support DNS-style access to resources. Format: DOMAINNo
logDirstringPath to store logsYes
logLevelstringLog level, default: errorNo
masterAddrstring sliceFormat: HOST:PORT, HOST: Resource management node IP (Master), PORT: Resource management node service port (Master)Yes
exporterPortstringPort for Prometheus to obtain monitoring dataNo
profstringDebugging and administrator API interfaceYes
enableLogPanicHookbool(Experimental) Hook panic function to flush log before executing panicNo

Configuration Example

     "role": "objectnode",
     "listen": "17410",
     "domains": [
     "logDir": "/cfs/Logs/objectnode",
     "logLevel": "info",
     "masterAddr": [
     "exporterPort": 9503,
     "prof": "7013"
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