Special Status Code Explanation

Erasure Coding Subsystem

Each module of the erasure coding subsystem supports audit logs. If audit logs and monitoring metrics are enabled (you can refer to the documentation), you can view the service request status code information in the audit log file or the monitoring metric service_response_code. The following describes the special status codes of each module.



The error status code range of the Access service is [550,599].

Status CodeError MessageDescription
551access client service discovery disconnectThe access client cannot discover available access nodes from Consul.
552access limitedThe service interface has reached the connection limit.
553access exceed object sizeThe uploaded file exceeds the maximum size limit.



The error status code range of the Proxy service is [800,899].

Status CodeError MessageDescription
801this codemode has no avaliable volumeThere is no available volume for the corresponding encoding mode.
802alloc bid from clustermgr errorFailed to obtain a bid from the CM.
803clusterId not matchThe requested cluster ID does not match the cluster ID where the proxy service is located.



The error status code range of the Clustermgr service is [900,999].

Status CodeError MessageDescription
900cm: unexpected errorInternal error occurred.
902lock volume not allowFailed to lock, for example, because it is in the active state.
903unlock volume not allowFailed to unlock.
904volume not existThe volume does not exist.
906raft propose errorRaft proposal information error.
907no leaderNo leader is available.
908raft read index errorLinear consistency read timeout.
910duplicated member infoDuplicate member information.
911disk not foundThe disk cannot be found.
912invalid statusThe disk status is invalid.
913not allow to change status backThe disk status cannot be rolled back, for example, rolling back a bad disk to the normal state.
914alloc volume unit concurrentlyConcurrently applying for volume units. Retry is available.
916alloc volume request params is invalidInvalid request parameters for volume allocation.
917no available volumeNo available volumes are available for allocation.
918update volume unit, old vuid not matchThe new and old VUIDs do not match when updating the volume unit.
919update volume unit, new vuid not matchThe new VUID does not match when updating the volume unit.
920update volume unit, new diskID not matchThe new disk ID does not match when updating the volume unit.
921config argument marshal errorConfiguration serialization error.
922request params error, invalid clusterIDInvalid request parameters, the cluster ID is invalid.
923request params error,invalid idcInvalid request parameters, the IDC is invalid.
924volume unit not existThe volume unit does not exist.
925register service params is invalidInvalid registration service parameters.
926disk is abnormal or not readonly, can't add into dropping listThe disk is abnormal or not in the read-only state, and cannot be set to offline.
927stat blob node chunk failedFailed to obtain chunk information for the blob node.
928request alloc volume codeMode not invalidThe requested volume mode does not exist.
929retain volume is not allocThe retained volume is not allocated.
930dropped disk still has volume unit remain, migrate them firstlyThe disk cannot be marked as offline in advance because there are remaining chunks on the disk. Migration must be completed first.
931list volume v2 not support idle statusThe v2 version does not support the idle status for listing volumes.
932dropping disk not allow change state or set readonlyThe disk in the offline state cannot have its status changed or be set to read-only.
933reject delete system configThe system configuration cannot be deleted.



The error status code range of the BlobNode service is [600,699].

Status CodeError MessageDescription
600blobnode: invalid paramsInvalid parameters.
601blobnode: entry already existThe VUID already exists.
602blobnode: out of limitThe request exceeds the concurrency limit.
603blobnode: internal errorInternal error.
604blobnode: service is overloadThe request is overloaded.
605blobnode: path is not existThe registered disk directory does not exist.
606blobnode: path is not emptyThe registered disk directory is not empty.
607blobnode: path find online diskThe registered path is still in the active state and needs to be offline before re-registration.
611disk not foundThe disk does not exist.
613disk is brokenThe disk is bad.
614disk id is invalidThe disk ID is invalid.
615disk no spaceThe disk has no available space.
621vuid not foundThe VUID does not exist.
622vuid readonlyThe VUID is in read-only state.
623vuid releasedThe VUID is in the released state.
624vuid not matchThe VUID does not match.
625chunk must readonlyThe chunk must be in read-only state.
626chunk must normalThe chunk must be in normal state.
627chunk no spaceThe chunk has no available write space.
628chunk is compactingThe chunk is being compressed.
630chunk id is invalidThe chunk ID is invalid.
632too many chunksThe number of chunks exceeds the threshold.
633chunk in useThe chunk has a request being processed.
651bid not foundThe BID does not exist.
652shard size too largeThe shard size exceeds the threshold (1<<32 - 1).
653shard must mark deleteThe shard must be marked for deletion first.
654shard already mark deleteThe shard has already been marked for deletion.
655shard offset is invalidThe shard offset is invalid.
656shard list exceed the limitThe number of shards in the shard list exceeds the threshold (65536).
657shard key bid is invalidThe BID is invalid.
670dest replica is bad can not repairThe target node to be repaired is in an abnormal state, possibly due to a request timeout or the service not being started.
671shard is an orphanThe shard is an orphan and cannot be repaired. If this error occurs when the Scheduler initiates a repair, the relevant orphan information will be recorded.
672illegal taskThe background task is illegal.
673request limitedThe repair interface request is overloaded.



The error status code range of the Scheduler service is [700,799].

Status CodeError MessageDescription
700nothing to doWhen the BlobNode service requests the Scheduler to pull background tasks, if there are no relevant tasks to be done, the Scheduler will return this status code, which can be ignored.
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